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Klaine Bingo  : Begging

Oooooooooooooooh fun

NSFW for obvious reason

Title from Duffy’s song “Mercy” ;)

Freely inspired by this beauty Gladys has bestowed upon us : http://ishouldntwantyoubutido.tumblr.com/post/92694271950/yay-porn-o

…But you do it well

I’m under your spell


They were worried that the sexual part of their relationship would overcome all of it, but now, they know that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

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klainebingo: pining // masterlist
a canon compliant spiel, s2 christmas

“I’m in love with him and he’s actually gay. I call that progress.” ~2k

It’s a hard thing, being in love with Blaine Anderson.

Kurt’s skin tingles at the thought of it — he is in love with Blaine. As uncertain as he is with every other aspect of the situation, he at least knows that much. He’s never felt as much as he does for Blaine, the affection has never engaged with every part of his heart like this before.

(Though he might be willfully blocking out the natures of how he felt for Finn way (way, way) back when. And the short lived idea that was Sam. Way back when.)

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Underneath all currents


Klaine Bingo : Anchor

Well, what did you expect?

Title from Björk’s song “The anchor song”

No matter how many times his own father or his aunt back in California repeat it, it’s not easy being your own anchor.

Kurt would know, he has tried.

Tried to harness his sense of humanity during the full Moon on himself, on his belief that he will make a path for himself - even if he feels a little stranded in the middle of Ohio and then in the hubbub of New York while his adoptive Alpha is on the other side of the country -, on his passion, on his talent.

Tried to anchor himself within himself.

But it’s not easy, each full Moon a little more dfficult, bringing a little bit more of the Wolf out of him.

From Scott’s example, Kurt knows that anchoring yourself in someone else can be devastating - he knows that his cousin only overcame it because he was always a True Alpha even before his eyes started glowing red.

Then again, it’s not like he can control the way his psyche works.

Kurt can’t exactly control the fact that his wolf rests at peace whenever Blaine sticks around to look at the Moon with him.

Can’t control the fact that he can actually visualize the big grey beast that lives in his veins turning into an harmless puppy under Blaine’s careful touch on his neck and back.

So yes, Kurt has found an anchor within Blaine.

If it was a real thing, he would say that he has anchored himself in his Mate, but Kurt knows better.

He knows that his anchor is his soulmate, and that Blaine will always anchor him in reality through times and lives.

klaine fic: maybe baby


written for klaine bingo, prompt: confession

just lots of fluff. title from the song of the same name by Buddy Holly.

It starts when his dance instructor brings in her recently had baby for the class to oh and aw over.

He’s always felt a special connection to kids in his heart, but holding the tiny, breathing, thing in his arms feels entirely different than a connection. He feels utterly enraptured by everything about the child — the way she smells, the way everything is worth a curious glance, the very small smattering of hair on her head.

Suddenly he can imagine holding a different little baby, this time his and Kurt’s baby, maybe with Kurt’s hair or Kurt’s eyes or both.

He’s just so ready for their lives to start.

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I’ll pop your corn


Klaine Bingo  : Popcorn

I’m not even sorry for that title *snortgiggles*

For as logn as he can remember, Kurt has made popcorn the same way his father showed him.

Opening the bag from the supermarket, pouring some in a bowl, plop it in the microwave for 22 seconds (yes the timing is extremely detailed), salt and sugar and voilà.

But ever since Blaine entered his life, his boyfriend tries to make him break that grand Hummel tradition.

Though he protests and fights and holds his precious microwaved bowl firecely, Kurt … Kurt could be swayed.

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klaine bingo→ Drunk

Drunk fiances…


klaine bingo→ Drunk

Drunk fiances…


Title: More Than Words

Summary: Blaine and Kurt celebrate six months together and Kurt has a plan to take that next step.

Prompt: Cuddling

For Klaine Bingo


With Rachel off to LA, she decided to sublease to Unique – because Unique is way more likely to pay rent than Santana if she does eventually come back – which pretty much made Kurt and Unique the most fabulous roomies in all of New York, and so, for Kurt and Unique’s first night reunited in their loft, they decide to throw a slumber party, a fabulous adult slumber party.

They invited the usual crowd – or what was left of it. Blaine, Sam, Artie and Brittany piled in with their comforters, quilts, pillows, sleeping bags (in Sam and Blaine’s case), stuffed animals (in Brittany’s case), their best pajamas, and maybe some alcohol, though purely for celebratory and not shitfaced purposes.

They spent the night watching shitty TV and classic movies and ordering all kinds of food starting with the best places and then, as the night wore on, ending up settling with the places that were still open. It was a good night, a good mix of the old memories of high school sleepovers and more recent social gatherings. Kurt had fun, no doubt. He had some of his favorite people around him and two of his current absolute favorite people are now permanently in the same city as he is. To top it off, there was a great ending to this good night. Unique was in her bed. Artie was set up on the sofa and Sam and Brittany were camping out on the floor and in the bathtub padded by all the excess blankets and covers, respectively – because Brittany argued that it wasn’t every day that she got to sleep in a bathtub and it was like a treat.

Which left Kurt and Blaine to Kurt’s bed.

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klaine bingo→ Sharing Clothes

I like when you wear my yellow cardigan…


klaine bingo→ Sharing Clothes

I like when you wear my yellow cardigan…


the “i’m actually kinda proud of this thing here ya go” fic.  in response to this and originally posted here

now a fill for Klaine Bingo
My Klaine Bingo:  masterlisttag

~800 words, prompt:  soulmates

There are 3 things Blaine Anderson knows for certain of NYADA:

  1. Everyone is a cut throat artist that Blaine’s learned are the kill or be killed type
  2. This also applies to the professors
  3. Upperclassman Kurt Hummel is his soulmate

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