Fic: Support


Summary: Kurt is having an insane week. Blaine just wants to help. Which is proving to be just a tad difficult…

A/N: Written for the klainebingo prompt “taking care of”; (one of these days I’ll learn how to be succinct but today is not that day): ~3,200 words

There are many things Blaine loves about Kurt. Too many to really list all of them; he knows, he’s tried. Countless times actually, watching Kurt sleep curled up in their bed on a Saturday morning, trying to write him a love song, coming up with the perfect speech for his proposal. But there is just no way to summarize Kurt in a few words, or a few paragraphs even, and so Blaine just accepts the fact that he’ll never fully be able to express the way he feels in something as simple as words words.

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It comes in waves


Inspired by this truly impressive drawing of my favorite friend pairing

Also written for the Klaine Bingo: Home

Because we need some Kurtcedes in this joint!

Title from a certain song by Foster the People ;) (points if you figure out which one !)

Kurt knows that Blaine is his best friend. His bestest friend, if you will.

Well, he’s more than that: he’s become the proverbial Home, the harbor for Kurt to anchor himself in the storm—and that’s quite enough nautical metaphors.

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I'm gonna prompt you! :) *Stay* for Klaine please


Send me a “Stay” and I’ll write a drabble about one character making the other promise that they will stay with them

You know me, I made it fluffy (and I’m sorry it comes up so late !!!)

Klaine Bingo: Chicken Soup

Blaine doesn’t get sick often.

Unlike Kurt, who gets a cold every two months—“do, Blaide, it’s dot because I left my shirt oped”—, Blaine is very careful to be bundled up when he goes out, and only gets two colds in the Winter.

But God knows they are like the Mother of all Colds.


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Prompts: bingo card

How Deep is the Ocean - Chapter 4


Canon compliant; Klaine; A03; read from the beginning: A03.
Takes place the summer after 5x20.
2200 words this chapter; total about 30k
Written for Klainebingo (this chapter prompt: phobias).
TW: death of OC; grief.
Many thanks to my lovely betas, perryavenue and alianne.

Kurt and Blaine do some exploring, and then Blaine has a surprise for Kurt.


The next day was a little cloudy, so they decided to spend it touring around Edgartown and leave the beach for another day. Kurt could tell how excited Blaine was to take him to all of his favorite places. It was good to see Blaine so happy and relaxed – Kurt really didn’t care where they went, as long as Blaine kept smiling.

They started off at the Old Whaling Church on Main Street, just a few blocks away from Blaine’s grandmother’s house. Kurt had to admire the stately building with its tall Greek revival columns, which he learned was built by whaling captains in the mid 1800’s. In fact, he realized quickly, most of the history of the island was going to revolve around the fact that it used to be a thriving whaling port. Even the grand houses along the harbor in Edgartown still reflected this, with their circular balconies where wives and families watched for the return of their loved ones from long sea journeys.

They wandered through the nearby museum complex, Blaine particularly fascinated by the whaleboat – “can you imagine, Kurt? Holding on for dear life while a whale you stabbed with a spear dragged you through the ocean?” Kurt preferred not to imagine it, frankly, as it sounded at least as dangerous as it actually was. He did spend some time looking over the Fresnel Lens exhibit, which explained how the glass used in lighthouses captured the light and allowed it to be visible over great distances. He made Blaine promise to take him to see a lighthouse while they were visiting the island, which caused Blaine to practically jump up and down in anticipation – apparently there were more than a few to choose from.

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Fic: maybe Monday, maybe not


All Blaine wants is to find a nice, reasonably attractive, twentysomething gay guy who will laugh at most of his jokes and hold his hand sometimes and not make fun of his sweater vests.  Is that really so much to ask?  AU, PG-13, ~13,500 words.  [AO3]

Written for the klainebingo prompt blind date.


As with most of the bad decisions Blaine’s made in his life, this one starts with alcohol.

He and Sam decided to invite a bunch of people over for one last end-of-summer get-together.  Blaine’s starting his last year at AMDA next week, and a lot of their friends’ semesters will be starting soon, too, which means they’ll all have less time to hang out like this, sprawled around his and Sam’s living room, arguing about whether Tony Stark is a better businessman than Bruce Wayne.

There was some talk of going out earlier, but at this point, they’re all several drinks in, and it looks like it’s going to be another long night of drinking games and falling asleep in uncomfortable positions on the floor.

At some point, the conversation somehow turns to Blaine’s love life – or lack thereof.

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Klaine Bingo: Bad Day
Today is officially not a good day.
Blaine tries to put a positive spin on it, he really does, but he reallt can’t.
First, the showerhead fell on his head, and he didn’t have time to put a band-aid to the cut on the bridge of his nose because he was already running a little bit late.
Hence the blood on his shirt, and him running around all day in his undershirt.
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Klaine Bingo: Bad Day

Today is officially not a good day.

Blaine tries to put a positive spin on it, he really does, but he reallt can’t.

First, the showerhead fell on his head, and he didn’t have time to put a band-aid to the cut on the bridge of his nose because he was already running a little bit late.

Hence the blood on his shirt, and him running around all day in his undershirt.

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Summary: Working together in Chemistry labs was somehow always a disaster.

Rating: G

For the Klaine bingo prompt: Burns

It quickly became apparent that working together in a Chemistry lab was not a good idea.

Tapping his finger against the third line of instructions in the lab manual, Kurt frowned down at his page of calculations, trying to make the two link into something that made sense in his head. He mulled over the numbers and his lab book for a few minutes, before turning to face Blaine.

“Have I done this right?” he asked, pushing his sheet of calculations towards his boyfriend.

Blaine looked up from the solution he was carefully pouring into a measuring cylinder, the small lines of concentration on his brow smoothing out. He glanced over Kurt’s work, nodding his head slightly as he checked it over. He pointed to one row of numbers.

“You’ve used the wrong value here; you forgot to change it into milliliters.”


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Cuddle Sutra


Klaine Bingo : Cuddling

It’s Alianne’s birthday and I know that cuddle!fics are always ah-okay in her book ;)

I hope you’ll enjoy this one, sweetie !!

"Time for some serious PDA!"

Blaine tears his eyes from the TV to look at Kurt with a look of befuddlement. “Honey, we’re in our living room, in our apartment, without any roommate, with just our dog for a witness. Is that your definition of public display of affection? Because, let me tell you, I think that Cocker has seen it a-“

"I’m not talking about traumatizing Gypsy anymore that the poor thing already is," Kurt says as he plops himself next to Blaine, only for said Cocker to jump between them. “I’m talking about private display of affection.”

"Oooooh", Blaine lets out, picking up Gypsy to get closer to Kurt. "And what exactly did you have in mind?"

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Fic: New Guy


Summary: Kurt doesn’t really think he has a type until suddenly he meets the very embodiment of it, dressed in cheap polyester and with way too much gel in his hair.

A/N: Written for the klainebingo prompt “pining.” Yes, I finally remembered I have a bingo card!

College/waiters Klaine, ~3,200 words

He’s wiping down the counter at the mostly empty diner an hour into his night shift, when the boss emerges from the back, chattering away with someone Kurt has never seen before. Someone short, in a waiter’s uniform and a ridiculous amount of gel in his hair. Someone who apparently works here now.

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