a spot in the sun


for Klaine Bingo (card), prompt: freckles

summaryTheir honeymoon destination was not what Blaine expected it to be. Even though he was the one who made the suggestion in the first place, he didn’t think Kurt would go along with it.

860w, rating: PG

Happy birthday invisibleraven! ;)

Blaine didn’t think that Kurt would ever agree to that particular destination, not with how careful he usually is about his skin. He figured, when he put LA on the list of possibilities, that it would immediately get crossed out, exchanged for a place with a lot less sun and a lot more indoor activities.

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How Deep is the Ocean - Chapter 7


Canon compliant; Klaine; A03; from the beginning: A03.
Takes place the summer after 5x20.
3850 words this chapter; total about 29k
Written for Klainebingo (this chapter prompt: celebrity).
TW: death of OC; grief.
Many thanks to my lovely betas, perryavenue and alianne.

From sunrise to snuggling under the stars…


It was dark out the next morning when Kurt’s alarm went off, but he pushed himself out of bed obediently, excited as soon as he remembered what they were doing this morning. Kurt had done some research before their trip on the best place to watch the sun rise on the island, and discovered that several of the lighthouse locations were ideal.

Kurt started the coffee maker and then padded back upstairs to take a quick shower and then wake Blaine. While it was hard to resist his fiancé’s morning cuddles, Blaine automatically grabbing Kurt and wrapping himself around him like a drowsy octopus, Kurt just gave him a quick kiss and then disentangled himself, pulling the comforter off the bed as he went.

“Kurt,” Blaine groaned, sitting up and rubbing his face. “Where’d you go?”

“Right here, sleepyhead. I checked the weather – it’s going to be clear today. Perfect sunrise conditions.” Kurt pushed Blaine towards the bathroom. “You’ve got fifteen minutes, no more, if you want me to save you any coffee.”

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Card Request

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Prompts: bingo card


Filled for the Klaine Bingo - Prompt: Spanking

Big thanks to my sweet princess Jen for beta reading ♥

warnings: NC-17, spanking (duh), a bit of roleplay

“Can you pretend you’re a little mad at me?”

Kurt knows it’s a weird request.

Blaine seems to think likewise, from the way his eyes narrow and he’s shaking his head a little as if he’s heard wrong.

“You want…what?!”

Clearing his throat, Kurt tries to explain. “I mean, I don’t want you to punch me in the face, of course.” He brings his hand up to where Blaine is hovering over him, letting his fingertips run over the warm skin of his chest. “I just want you to…pretend you’re a little angry at me when you’re…fucking me.” The words make something twist in Kurt’s stomach, and he can feel his heart starting to beat a little faster.

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Klaine, horses


Oh, I had to dig into my own memory for this one … I hope you like it!

Filling my Klaine Bingo: Secret Past (kind of)

Kurt has always been afraid of horses.

Too big, too tall, too wild to be tamed—too dangerous, to sum it up.

That and the fact that he has a repressed childhood memory about falling from a poney and hurting his arm and neck, leaving him with a scar he has never told about to anyone.

His father is the ony one who knows about it, and Kurt knows that his father won’t betray him and his secret.

But he knows that Blaine used to practice polo, and now that they are living a little bit away from the city to raise Dan and Cecilia in an environment that doesn’t make the little girl sneeze every time there is a pollution alert, he gets to see Blaine riding and boy is he ever so thankful for it.

Sure, the horses are still tall and their teeth still look sharp like knives, but the sight of Blaine’s thighs clad in the dark, tight fabric of his riding pants, and the way his face shows his focus and his happiness at literally getting back on the horse … yeah, it’s worth it.

But when Blaine says, nonchalantly that asshole, that maybe Dan and Celia should try their hands at riding, Kurt is filled with a dread that no amount of strong thigh muscle can dissolve.

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Prompts: bingo card

How Deep is the Ocean - Chapter 6


Canon compliant; Klaine; A03; from the beginning: A03.
Takes place the summer after 5x20.
4680 words this chapter; total about 30k
TW: death of OC; grief.
Many thanks to my lovely betas, perryavenue and alianne.

“I think I’m hallucinating,” Kurt muttered, turning his face into Blaine’s neck. “Tell me Sebastian Smythe’s twin didn’t just rescue me from drowning.”


Blaine had convinced Kurt that getting to the beach early would be worth it, and as they walked up over the dunes to get their first full glimpse of the ocean, he could tell Kurt agreed. “Blaine. It’s amazing.”

South Beach stretched out along the south shore of the island (hence the name), a three mile long textbook example of the most perfect of New England beaches. The surf was high after the previous day’s storm, crashing over and over against the sand. It was almost deserted so early in the morning, and they had their pick of locations, Kurt choosing to walk for a while before settling down. They spread out their beach blanket and took off their sandals, arranging their bag and towels around the edge of the blanket to keep it secure.

The day was bright and sunny, and promised to be scorchingly hot, although here by the ocean there was a constant cooling breeze that would only pick up as the day went on. Kurt was already pulling the sunblock out of their bag, and gave Blaine a fond look as he pulled off his black t-shirt. “You are going to help me with this, right?”

Kurt had declined Blaine’s offer of a beach umbrella, noting that it would probably be more trouble than it was worth, but had invested in some serious sunblock, which they had both already applied to their faces before they left the house. Blaine grinned and plopped down next to him on the blanket, taking the tube of lotion out of Kurt’s hand. “It would be my pleasure to assist you,” he said, resulting in an eye roll from Kurt.

“None of that, now. There are children present,” Kurt responded, indicating a family with two little kids walking past them.

“I do have to touch you to put the sunscreen on,” Blaine teased. He had noticed, in fact, that Kurt had passed up the spray-on sunscreen in favor of the more traditional lotion, and wondered if it was because he liked the idea of them doing this together. Blaine certainly did.

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And now I’m ready


Klaine Bingo: Petting

Heavily inspired by this little gem

Because seriously, it’s just so darn cute !!

Title from The Stooges’ song “I wanna be your dog”

Kurt knows what’s going to happen before it even happens.

He’s used to it, by now: Blaine loves pets, and pets love him back, after all he can’t exactly blame the pups for wagging their tails at his fiancé when Blaine crouches to their level to pet them.

Still, they’re out of the grocery store, and Kurt already carries one bag so he would appreciate if Blaine could, you know, leave the puppy alone and just carry his own fucking bag?

"Don’t pet the dog, Blaine," he says tiredly, looking at the bag Blaine left behind.

"I’m not." Are you fucking kidding me?

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3 AM


I have never seen the same prompt requested by so many people, and yet the proof remains:


So here it is, "3am and the fire alarm in our apartment complex just went off let me lend you my jacket while we wait on the sidewalk AU" with klaine ;)

Filling my Klaine Bingo: Candles

Kurt has had a long night, and he’s exhausted as he comes back home.

It’s … oh, fuck it all to the Seven rings of Hell, it’s 2.45am and he still needs to shower because there is no way in … well, Hell, that he’s going to bed still smelling of greasy food and sweat.

No matter how appealing his bed looks right now.

But since it looks like the Universe has decided that Kurt was not going to have a break, he just rinses the shampoo from his head when the fire alarm goes off.

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