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Klaine Bingo : Dressed up

I just decided to have fun

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” ~ Rachel Zoe

On his days off, Blaine likes to unwind a little.

Oh, he is still clean-shaved and immaculately coiffed, but he tones down the pieces he picks from his closet.

Soft sweatpants, well-worn t-shirts in the summertime or knitted sweaters that have been used and washed so many times that they just feel like he’s wearing a hug, and he calls it a day.

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Ice Cream and Flowers


Klaine Bingo : Ice Cream

I got inspired by this series of photography, and it feels like the perfect birthday gift for hoshidess !!!


Klaine AU First meeting at a gallery opening ^^

The more Blaine looks at those pictures, the hungrier he gets.

No, seriously, the concept is interesting, sure, and the prints are spectacular—in all humility of course, even if he printed them— but to see all of them on the walls, he feels like getting himself a massive ice cream for himself.

No, really, like three or four scoops.

With sprinkles—oh, and little marshmallows too!

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Deep inside us


Klaine Bingo : Adoption

For those of you who read my previous Daddy!Klaine fic, you know that I have this whole scenario of how they become fathers

And I already wrote the whole adoption process

So here’s a little bit more about how Cecilia joined the Hummel-Anderson clan ^^

Title from the lyrics of Phil Collins’ “You’ll be in my heart” :)

To say that Dan is excited to welcome his new little sister is the understatement of the century.

To say that his fathers are not doing any better than him in hiding their excitement, understatement of the millenium.

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Ink Me Up (Klaine, T)


Summary: Kurt wants a new tattoo, and takes Blaine along to the studio to distract him. Warnings for a vague reference to daddy kink at the end (there will be a sequel), and a mention of Finn’s death. Written for the Klaine Bingo prompt “tattoos”.
Words: 1300
Read on AO3 here.

“Remind me again, why are you doing this?” Kurt asked, watching Blaine practically vibrate beside him.

“Because you are my fiancé and I love you and want to support you.”

“Sweetheart, you can support me without putting yourself through this,” Kurt said gently. “I could have come alone, or brought Elliott or Mercedes. You didn’t have to come with me. You can go home if you want.”

“I know,” Blaine squeaked, staring in horror as Ashleigh turned the machine on.

“Last chance to turn back,” Ashleigh said, looking at Kurt expectantly. He shook his head, pillowing it comfortably on his folded arms.

“I’m fine. Blaine, you staying?”

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I love you anyway


Klaine Bingo : Green

I have to say, when I read “Green” on my bingo card, I thought of many things : Blaine trying to make them go “green” and maybe taking it too far, Kurt playing Elpheba in a all-male production of Wicked - just a couple of examples - and then my ITunes Library came to the rescue in the suggestion of Al Green and one of his songs that, as far as I know, is not that well-known

In light of the sad and angry state the fandom because of some ill-timed released so-called “spoilers” (and again, my advice to deal with it is WAIT AND SEE), I decided to give you a little treat, a fluffy thing that I think all Klainers want to see in S6 (or whenever really)

I hope I do it justice

Title inspired by Al Green’s song, “Let’s get married”

Kurt can see the difference, ever since Blaine came back.

He can see that while he was living with Mercedes, she managed to get him to … broaden his musical horizon.

Though he has to admit, he never, ever pictured Blaine to become a Motown enthusiast.

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The world is spinnin’


Klaine Bingo : Band!fic

Title from the lyrics of the song “Rockstar” by A Great Big World

Klaine AU Meeting, Famous Kurt - Famous Blaine ?

It’s been a long time coming.

And if you ask Elliott, it’s about time.

About time One Three Hill - their little threesome of a pianist, a guitarist and a lead vocal, oldies cover, always dressed to the nine but with a punk detail - met the E-Woke - a duet of acoustic guitars and sometimes slight percussion, 1980s and Top 40 covers, dressed as superheroes and isn’t that just adorable.

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Nothing can compare


Klaine Bingo : Warmth

Follow up to this fic

Blame spinmybowtie !!

Title from Janet Jackson’s “Warmth” :P

Unfortunately for them, Adam is not exactly within their reach - something about the eclipse or the solar winds, Blaine can’t be sure - and Kurt has to stay in his baby bat state for a little longer.

"Kurt," Blaine calls as he ruffles through his collection of handkerchiefs and clothes, "where are you?"


Even in his bat’s voice, Blaine can hear the defeat in Kurt’s tone and it breaks his heart a little - but at least it gives him Kurt’s location.

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Till the first crack of dawn


Klaine Bingo : De-aged

Inspired by this stunning drawing Jay gave us ;)

Title comes from this song that I just discovered

When Blaine first met Kurt, he was stunned by the other boy’s beauty.

Then he was stunned by the depth of the feelings he had for him without noticing them growing.

Then he prides himself in knowing that he stunned Kurt right back with a well-phrased declaration and a not-too-shabby first kiss.

Trust Kurt to stun him right back with the revelation that he’s not exactly barely older than Blaine.

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When Life and Love turn strange


Klaine Bingo : Domestic

I have to admit that I went with a very French meaning of the word ;) Let’s see if it works …

Blaine gingerly reaches for the dirty rag over the kitchen sink, throwing a glare in Kurt’s direction.

"Don’t glare, love, a bet is a bet."

A bet is a bet,” Blaine repeats, tone beyond mocking as he exits the kitchen.

Kurt smirks as he sips his coffee before making a grimace.

"Hum, maid?" he calls and he has to bite his lip when Blaine’s angry pouting face comes out of the laundry-closet. "My coffee is tepid."

"I - am - not - your maid," Blaine says between gritted teeth, grabbing the mug and reentering the kitchen nonetheless.

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